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Welcome, this is my blog, it’s about the ideas that I think will help create a bright future.
It’s intended to be Peer to Peer and to help me make a contribution to a learning circle

I know it’s a pretty shit blog, I will fix it up one day, especially if anyone ever comes here 🙂
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  • One year on, El Salvador’s Bitcoin experiment has proven a spectacular failure
    A year ago, El Salvador became the first country to make Bitcoin legal tender – alongside the US dollar, which the Central American country adopted in 2001 to replace its own currency, the colón.
  • Original LETS design manual
    LETSystem Design Manual This version was supported and published by the Birmingham Co-operative Development Agency. Written by Michael Linton and Angus Soutar for Landsman Community Services Ltd of Canada.
  • How Mondragon Became the World’s Largest Co-Op | The New Yorker
    In Spain, an industrial-sized conglomerate owned by its workers suggests an alternative future for capitalism. Source: How Mondragon Became the World’s Largest Co-Op | The New Yorker
  • Dictatorship to Democracy; A Conceptual Framework for Liberation
    One of my (Gene Sharpe) major concerns for many years has been how people could prevent and destroy dictatorships. This has been nurtured in part because of a belief that human beings should not be dominated and destroyed by such regimes.
  • Squatting
    A celebration and documentation of Australians putting abandoned and disused property to good use.
  • The invention of Whiteness
    This “white” stuff gets up my nose as far as I can see “white” was a term invented not so long ago to justify exploiting people “white” is not a skin colour “white” is definitely not a “race” “white” is basically a gang of robbers and membership of this gang is not something to be proud of. I don’t and won’t belong to that gang I’m not colourblind though, I know that these old an ugly categories have immense impact on people’s lives
  • How to Get Better at Admitting You’re Wrong – The Atlantic
    Humans are programmed to think we’re right at all costs. Fighting that instinct will set you free. Source: How to Get Better at Admitting You’re Wrong – The Atlantic And so…
  • working the system
    When the system is designed to exploit us then we need to be resourceful in getting our needs met. It is best that we don’t allow ourselves to be conscripted to support a system that is against our interests. In contrast we need to do whatever we can to support systems and relationships that meet our communities needs
  • The Best WordPress Sites in the World |
    Discover inspiration in some of the most beautiful, best designed WordPress websites. Source: The Best WordPress Sites in the World |